Apple is increasingly using recycled materials in its products

In 2021, Apple boosted the number of recycled materials in its products, including additional tungsten, rare earth elements, cobalt, and certified recycled gold for the first time.
The information above is taken from Apple’s 2022 Environmental Accomplishments Report, which discusses the materials used in the company’s products and its progress in recycling and clean energy.
Apple claims that roughly 20% of the material used in its devices in 2021 will be recycled.
This includes 59 percent of all Aluminum used in the batteries (with some boasting a 100 percent recycled Aluminum container), 45 percent of all rare earth elements, 30 percent of all tin, and 13 percent of all cobalt.
The iPhone 13 series incorporates certified recycled gold plating for the first time. The main logic board plating and the wiring in the front and back cameras are all manufactured from recycled materials.
Finally, Apple has reduced the amount of plastic used in its packaging to 4%. This is a 75 percent reduction from 2015, intending to eliminate it by 2025.

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The goal of recycling materials is to limit the number of new resources that must be mined.
Apple boasts that its recycling robots can extract the same amount of copper and gold from one metric ton of iPhone components as 2,000 metric tones of mined rock.
“As people around the world participate in celebrating Earth Day, we’re making great progress in our work to solve the climate problem and, one day, create our products without taking anything from the earth,” said Lisa Jackson, Apple’s vice president of environment, policy, and social initiatives.
“As our global supply chain converts to clean electricity, our rapid pace of innovation is already assisting our teams in using today’s products to develop tomorrow’s, and we are creating a road for other firms to follow.”
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