Apple patents a novel method of placing a camera into the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch series is one of the most popular smartwatches on the market, and it is widely regarded as the best smartwatch for iOS users. The Apple Watch sets the standard for wearables, with features such as calling, texting, sleep monitoring, and many other health-monitoring features. However, Apple is rumored to be planning additional features for the watch. To be specific, a camera.
A new patent, first discovered by iMore, reveals that Apple is investigating ways to incorporate a camera into the Apple Watch. The patent, which was published earlier by the USPTO (The United States Patent and Trademark Office), reveals what appears to be a camera embedded in the Apple Watch’s rotatable crown. Users will be able to point their hands at something they want to capture in this position.
The catch is that users who prefer to wear the watch in their right hand will most of the time have the camera facing themselves. It remains to be seen how Apple will handle this if this patent is turned into a product.
“The following disclosure is about a camera-equipped watch. An  Apple Watch can include a rotatable dial, such as a rotatable crown used for digital inputs, according to some embodiments. A camera can be included in the assembly to capture images through an aperture that extends through the dial. The patent stated, “A lens can be integrated within the aperture and/or behind the aperture of the dial to focus an image of a scene.”

Apple Watch
“An image sensor disposed behind the aperture can also be configured to detect movement of a marking on the dial, allowing the image sensor to function as both a camera for capturing images of a scene and a sensor that detects rotation of the dial for sensing rotational inputs.” As a result, a camera can be integrated into a relatively small watch housing package, and the camera image sensor’s multi-purposed functionality can eliminate the need for a separate sensing component on the dial,” it added.
While a camera on your Apple Watch sounds interesting, futuristic, and even reminiscent of a few gadgets from the James Bond franchise, Apple may face difficulties in implementing the same in an Apple Watch. Some of the aspects that the company will have to work on including the positioning of the camera on the watch, the lens’s exposure to elements such as dirt and sweat, the impact on design, and battery life.
However, don’t be surprised if the patent never makes it to an Apple Store shelf, as it’s common for patents to never be turned into actual products. Even if Apple does put a camera on an Apple Watch, it may take some time, so don’t expect the Apple Watch Series 8 to come with one.

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