A bug in Apple Maps shared your location with apps without your permission

A bug in Apple Maps, really? Apple released iOS 16.3 last week with several improvements and bug fixes. Although it’s usually advised for customers to upgrade their devices, this new version fixes an Apple Maps flaw that unintentionally discloses users’ locations with other apps.
Brazilian journalist Rodrigo Ghedin made the finding. He claimed that one of the most well-known firms in Brazil, iFood, which provides an Uber Eats-like service, was “peeking at iOS users’ location when it should’ve not.”
When not open or in use, the most significant meal delivery app in Brazil, iFood, valued at USD 5.4 billion, was accessing the user’s location, circumventing an iOS option that limits an app’s access to particular phone functionalities. The reader’s phone’s location was still accessed by the iFood app even after he explicitly told it not to.
The release notes for iOS 16.3 made it easy to comprehend what had occurred. There was a problem with Apple Maps, according to Apple: “An app may be able to bypass Privacy choices.” It’s unknown how many apps could leverage this breach, how much information they could obtain, and with what iOS version developers could exploit this breach, even though Apple said a logic flaw was fixed with enhanced state management.

A bug in Apple Maps
An app you aren’t sharing your location with is accessing your data if you’re still using an older version of iOS 16 that isn’t iOS 16.3 or later. After opening an app, check the Privacy option in the Control Center on iOS.
Therefore, the best thing you can do is update iOS 16.3, which resolves this problem. This version also supports physical Security Keys and fixes several issues with iPhone 14 Pro devices.
BGR contacted Apple, and we’ll update the story whenever we hear back from a company representative.

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