A huge leak discloses Google Pixel roadmap until 2025

An unknown source just released the Google Pixel roadmap for Pixel phones up until 2025, according to a new claim by Android Authority. The search giant will introduce several new models in the upcoming years, including more compact Pro versions and (perhaps) several foldable ones.

According to reports, Google will introduce the highly anticipated Google Pixel Fold and Google Pixel 7a at its I/O event in the spring. The Pixel 7a (codenamed “lynx”) will have the same $449 suggested retail price as its predecessor. Still, it will feature several upgrades, including a 90Hz screen refresh rate, the more recent Tensor G2 SoC, improved camera technology, and wireless charging.

The Pixel Fold (codenamed “Felix”) won’t be nearly as inexpensive, as you might anticipate. According to leaks, it will sell for $1,799, which also happens to be the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4’s launch price. It will be interesting to observe how Google’s foldable performs against a more accessible substitute that will be significantly less expensive by then.

The Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, the search engine giant’s enhanced versions of the popular models, will be available in October. These will probably have an updated primary camera sensor with staggered HDR capability and a new Tensor G3 chip. According to the source, the Pixel 8 could have a smaller screen than the 6.3-inch panel on the Pixel 7, making it more portable.

Google Pixel roadmap

Depending on the performance of the Pixel 7a, Google may decide not to release the Pixel 8a (codenamed “Akita”) in 2024. Instead, if Apple’s iPhone SE lineup is still around, the company is considering introducing A-series phones every two years.

Rumours suggest that Google will introduce three new models in the fall of 2024, departing from its present business model. A more compact “Pro” model is joining the vanilla Pixel 9 and Pixel 9 Pro, which will both have similar form factors to their predecessors. It will have a 6.3-inch screen but will keep most of the Pro model’s capabilities, likely including a more advanced camera setup and faster refresh rate. As expected, all of these wills will be driven by a fresh Google Tensor G4 SoC that was most likely created in partnership with Samsung.

Google’s goals for 2025 currently need to be more specific. The business is considering releasing a foldable flip phone similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4. Three non-folding telephones, including the Pixel 10 and two Pro variants, would join that group. However, it could launch four models with a conventional form factor instead of the flip phone, including vanilla models in small and large sizes and Pro models in smaller and larger sizes. This reflects Apple’s current approach to its more expensive iPhones.

Finally, a Pixel Fold replacement’s future is still being determined. Before investing more funds in the project, Google is waiting to see how the market responds to its first foldable device.

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