A week ago, Elon Musk persuaded Twitter’s Sales Head to stay, and now he is firing her

Even after Elon Musk persuaded her to stay, Twitter’s head of advertising sales appears to have quit the firm. Wheeler had already left the business, but Musk made her pause. The future of Twitter seems dim as more and more staff depart the company.

Even after Musk persuaded her to stay, Twitter’s head of advertising sales appears to have quit the firm. According to sources, Robin Wheeler changed her plan after finishing a week earlier, but Musk persuaded her to stay. Wheeler appears to have left the organization, though, as of late.

Casey Newton, a well-known tech journalist, revealed that the business had let Wheeler go. Robin Wheeler, the sales executive that Musk pleaded with to stay at the firm when she wanted to resign days ago, has reportedly been dismissed, according to numerous ex-Twitter sources.

Her termination did not, however, come with a cause. Newton’s Twitter was quickly followed by Wheeler’s tweet: “To the team and my clients. You were always my first and only priority.” She accompanied her tweet with a salute emoji. She refused to say that she had been fired when The Verge asked her for a comment.

Elon Musk

The future of Twitter appears dismal as more and more staff depart the company. Twitter let go of close to 3700 workers in one of the worst tech industry layoffs. Following Elon Musk’s email to the staff regarding a strict work environment, there were many resignations. They had the choice of sticking with Musk’s demanding work schedule or quitting with severance compensation. Most workers made the latter decision and left the business.

Following Musk’s Wednesday email with the subject line “A fork in the road,” the staff members decided to quit. Musk instructed the staff to complete an online form by 3:30 AM IST today pledging to work “long hours at high intensity” in the email. The email stated, “If you are certain that you want to participate in the new Twitter, please click yes on the link below.” Musk also said that Twitter would need to be incredibly hardcore, implying that the staff members will need to put in a lot of effort over a lengthy period.

Twitter had close to 7500 employees before Musk acquired it, but after the significant layoffs, that number was reduced by approximately 50%. Now that additional workers are leaving the company, Twitter’s size will decrease by an astounding 88%. The outcome of attrition is still uncertain.

However, despite the widespread resignations, Musk is unmoved. He tweeted that he was unconcerned because the righteous people were staying.

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