After firing human workers, Google is now laying off robots

After firing a number of human employees, the search giant Google is now laying off robots. These reports usually assisted in cleaning office cafeterias. According to recent reports, Google’s parent tech giant, Alphabet, has to close its creative department called Everyday Robots.

This department has been working on creating and training robots that can clean Google’s cafeterias and other competencies, the reports by Wired further suggested. The resolution to close the robotic arm appears as part of Alphabet’s budget splits among extensive redundancies in the technology industry.

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Regardless of progress, the robots along with their training, do not confront the economic headwinds. Reports further stated that Everyday Robots was an experimental robotics project with a team of over 200 people operating different robotics projects, such as developing over 100 one-armed robots on wheels and more.

Moreover, these robots were developed in order to clean cafeteria tables, detach trash, recycle, and open doors, as well as many other tasks. Robots were even utilized to examine the immaculateness of conference rooms during the pandemic.

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Although the robots were beneficial, they were eventually very costly when it came to maintenance. The robotics specialists evaluated that each cost tens of thousands of dollars, which Alphabet might not handle because of the budget breaks. Consequently, Everyday Robots was no more economically profitable; that’s why the company discontinued the project.

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Nevertheless, a couple of the technology and part of the team members are going to be integrated into existing robotics attempts in Google Research. The director of marketing and communications for Everyday Robots, Denise Gamboa, reported Wired,

“Everyday Robots will no longer be a separate project within Alphabet. Some of the technology and part of the team will be consolidated into existing robotics efforts within Google Research.”

The shutdown of Everyday Robots points out the challenges experienced by the robotics industry, especially in the middle of an economic breakdown. At the same time, robotics technology is getting enhanced very pretty quickly, and the high development together with production costs is likely to make it challenging for tech giants to support investing in robotics projects.

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