AMD leaks information about an AI noise-canceling feature before taking it down

According to a leaked video, AMD may soon develop a noise-canceling tool comparable to Nvidia’s. It might imply AMD is getting ready to provide AI capabilities to its consumer hardware, but it doesn’t mean AMD will be able to compete with Nvidia’s tensor cores.

AMD released a YouTube video on Thursday introducing a brand-new AMD Noise Suppression feature. Despite someone saving a low-resolution copy and publishing it on the AMD subreddit before it was once more removed, the firm promptly switched the video to private. AMD is reportedly not yet prepared to discuss the new function of AI noise-canceling feature, but it resembles RTX Voice.

Nvidia’s RTX Voice, released in 2020, integrates with numerous gaming and productivity apps while chopping off all other sounds during calls or voice chats except for the speaker’s voice. The AMD noise-canceling video describes a similar feature, which is still visible and uses a deep learning system to support numerous apps and games. Although AMD uses machine and deep learning in its Instinct server accelerators, the Noise Suppression video depicts a consumer-level user working on a laptop in a home office.

The announcement is the second piece of information in recent times to suggest AMD AI features. A repository update from the end of June highlighted matrix instructions in the business’ forthcoming RDNA 3 graphics cards. According to a well-known leaker, RDNA3 will leverage AI-accelerated picture reconstruction, much like Nvidia RTX GPUs do with DLSS.

AI noise-canceling feature

However, technology like the tensor cores DLSS-capable RTX cards need is not always necessary for AI-assisted noise cancellation. Despite what the name suggests, Nvidia’s older GTX GPUs may also use RTX voice.

Noise Suppression will be a feature of AMD’s Adrenalin graphics driver software, according to the company’s video. The teaser finishes with the phrase “available now,” which suggests that the feature’s release may be approaching quickly.

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