Apple CEO Tim Cook says he reads customer reviews at 5AM daily

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has recently told GQ in a video interview that he likes reading emails as well as notes of customers on their company’s products. He also said that he wakes up at 5:00 AM in the morning daily and begins his day by reading reviews by customers.

However, one question must be raised in everyone’s mind here; why does he read the reviews early in the morning?

According to him, after reading customer feedback, he got inspiration because it makes him happy to know how Apple’s tech and products are making a beneficial impact on customers’ lives. He additionally explained why customer reviews make his morning cheer up and inspire him to improve.

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Speaking about one of the reviews by customers, Cook disclosed that a user who purchased the iPhone 14 was pleased thanks to the device’s crash detection feature, which accommodated him call for help at the time the car driver went into confiscation.

He added,

“If you’re in the business, like we are, of creating technology that really enriches people’s lives – you want to know what it’s doing. You want to know how people are feeling about it.”

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He did admit that we also get adverse comments. However, that doesn’t lower confidence, and Apple can gain a better understanding of how their customers feel concerning their products.

He also said,

“Of course, I get some complaints as well. Those are cool too, because I want to stay grounded in terms of what our users are thinking, what they’re feeling. It is a great way to start the morning.”

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It is important to mention that Tim Cook is one of the few CEOs of big tech giants who hasn’t kept his email address hidden, and those are always apparent to the general public. This indicates that the tech giant is committed to offering users an improved product and that the California-based Cupertino giant also pays attention to customer feedback.

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