Apple to roll out iPhone 14 Pro models at much higher prices: Here’s the reason

Apple is expected to launch its next-gen iPhone 14 with a significant price hike, particularly the Pro models. According to a recent report issued by AppleLeaksPro, the impending iPhone 14 Pro models are going to be more overpriced rather than the current iPhone 13 Pro models. 

It is normal that the iPhone 14 series is likely to compromise four models which include iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Max, and iPhone 14 Pro Max. This year, the iPhone 14 Max is going to replace iPhone mini model. We are expected not to see a mini model this year.

According to the tipster, the prices of the Pro models are going to see a major rise as compared to predecessors and the reason behind this price hike is the coming of the iPhone 14 Max.

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The current price of the iPhone 13 mini is approximate $699. However, the impending iPhone 14 Max is going to come with a much higher price, approximately $899. Consequently, the prices of the Pro Models will be directly affected due to this.

Apple iPhone 14 prices leak

The recent leak suggests that the Apple iPhone 14 is going to come with a price of $799, and that price is similar to the iPhone 13. However, the modification is that prices are going to be from the Max to the Pro models.

As per the leaks, the iPhone 14 Max is going to be available at approximately $899, which is going to replace the inexpensive iPhone 13 Mini rolled out with a price of $699. The tipster further added that the iPhone 14 Max will be the star of Apple’s iPhone event this year. Apple is going to host the event in the fall.

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Considering this, the prices of the Pro models are automatically going to see a price hike. The tipster stated that the price of the iPhone 14 Pro is going to start at $1099, which is much more than the iPhone 13 Pro which has a price of $999. however, when comes the premium model called the iPhone 14 Pro Max, is reportedly going to be priced at $1199, which is approximately a $100 increase when compared to the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

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