Beginning in December, Comcast will implement nationwide price increases

Comcast is on track to extort even more cash from cable TV customers. The average service cost will rise by 3.8 percent across markets starting next month due to national price adjustments. There will undoubtedly be some markets that are hit harder than others.
Beginning December 20, 2022, Comcast‘s monthly broadcast TV fee in Taunton, Massachusetts, will rise from $18.65 to $26. That represents an increase of $7.35 monthly or more than $88 a year. Taunton is also raising the price of video packages by $2 to $5 more per month, and renting a set-top box will cost an additional $1.50 to $10 per month.
Many Michigan cities, including Royal Oak Township and Farmington, will see an almost six-dollar increase in their monthly broadcast TV bill, from $14.80 to $20.70. In contrast, the regional sports fee will rise from $9.50 to $10.15.

average service cost of Comcast

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Similar events are taking place in Sandown, New Hampshire, where the monthly broadcast TV fee is expected to increase from $24.95 to $27.25. The popularity of the Internet and video packages will also increase in this area.
Comcast justified the pricing increases. The TV Answer Man received a statement from a spokeswoman claiming that broadcast television and sports are the leading causes of consumer bill hikes and that TV networks and other video programmers continue to boost their costs. The 3.8 percent rise, the Comcast representative continued, is roughly half of the most recent inflation rate.
Comcast‘s senior manager for government and regulatory affairs, Patrick Shearns, told the city of Taunton that while they absorb specific cost increases, fee hikes impact service pricing.

Review your active subscriptions now that the end of the year is quickly approaching and prices generally rise. You could reduce escalating expenses by canceling a few infrequently utilized subscription services.

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