Customers who pay $1,200 annually will receive speedier Mercedes vehicles

Want a Mercedes? If you thought that video game features being locked behind DLC, memberships, season passes, etc., was annoying, think about the owners of the brand-new Mercedes EQ luxury electric cars. For the low cost of $1,200 a year, the automaker is promising to unlock the full performance of the vehicles.
The Drive draws attention to a Mercedes online shop optional extra: an “Acceleration Increase” membership service for any EQS or EQE vehicles. The 2022 Mercedes EQS has a base price of $103,360; increasing your vehicle’s maximum power and torque costs $1,200 per year, or around one additional payment.
Hedge-fund managers will experience a “noticeable improvement” in 0–60 mph acceleration of 0.8–1 second if they spend the equivalent of $100 per month for something that ought to be standard—or a one-time upgrade price. The function promises to alter the electric motors’ general properties as well.

High speed Mercedes
Buyers pay for a software upgrade that enhances performance. Therefore it’s puzzling how Mercedes justifies this as a recurring annual payment of $1,200.
Sadly, we’ve been here before. In July, it was revealed that heated seats, one of the optional features BMW provided in its vehicles for a monthly fee, cost about $18. For an additional $12 a month, heated steering wheels are available. But when compared to Mercedes’ subscription, those look remarkably generous.
Hackers created a workaround in reaction to BMW’s DLC for heated seats so that the same thing may happen with Mercedes. Still, the businesses will undoubtedly label these instances as warranty violations.
Monetization, whether in games, electronics, vehicles, or anything else, tends to incite a lot of consumer ire, as evidenced by the $2.50 horse armor in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and the debate surrounding Overwatch 2. But in the end, there are typically enough people who purchase these extras to make the uproar worthwhile for the businesses making money. For instance, the free-to-play Diablo Immortal game grossed $50 million in its first month despite having the lowest Metacritic user score for a PC game (0.3).

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