Despite a 159 percent rise in GamePass subscribers, Xbox price increases are imminent

Despite a 159 percent rise in GamePass subscribers, Xbox price increases are imminent. Many gamers have to wait a couple of years after the first next-generation gaming console’s release before the price drops. Usually, minor design modifications that lower the overall manufacturing overhead help this cost decrease. Every console release over the previous 30 years has followed this pattern.

As the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series celebrate their second birthdays, potential buyers hoping for that initial price reduction now have to deal with price increases. Sony increased the MSRP of the PlayStation 5 by up to 10% in many regions in August. It attributed the necessity to raise the price to current economic difficulties, particularly hyperinflation. Microsoft is now doing the same.

According to Tom Warren, Xbox CEO Phil Spencer said there would be price rises last week. If you can call that good news, there is still plenty of time to purchase an Xbox before the price jump.

At a Wall Street Journal conference, Spencer remarked, “We’ve held price on our console, we’ve held price on games… and our membership.” “We won’t be able to continue doing that, in my opinion. I believe we may eventually need to increase some of the costs for specific items, but we felt it was vital to keep the prices the same for this holiday.”

The announcement of the potential price increases follows Microsoft’s announcement that GamePass is profitable in line with their projections and contributes 15% of the Xbox income stream. Additionally, it has experienced a 159 percent increase in PC GamePass subscribers, with 20 million people streaming games. Although it has slowed, console GP subscription growth is still increasing.

Although he did not provide a date in detail, the context of his statement suggests that the Xbox Series system may debut in early 2023. It also shows that Microsoft is not limiting growth to only owning hardware.

Spencer notes that Xbox has “held” the prices for all its goods and services, suggesting potential price increases for all products and services. The board of directors and upper management of the corporation are probably debating this possibility seriously. Therefore, it is too early to determine which offerings will increase. However, price rises for consoles between $20 and $50 seem plausible and consistent with Sony’s action.

The most excellent chance to get a current-generation Xbox is to hold out until the holiday sales start. They might or might not go on sale, but it looks like the only opportunity since they will probably cost more than they do right now next year. Microsoft at least gives customers some warning, in contrast to Sony, which made their price increases “effective immediately” after they were announced.

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