Elon Musk says Twitter will get new changes to its UI in Feb 2023

Elon Musk has recently declared that Twitter is going to roll out the latest changes to its user interface in order to give a better experience to users. The microblogging social media service, as a part of the first “larger UI overhaul”, is going to make its users able to swipe between suggested and followed tweets with just left and right swipe gestures.

The design modifications are going to arrive before the end of the current week. However, we still don’t have information on whether it will be released for a specific number of users or whether all Twitter users are going to get it. Apart from that, the new boss of the microblogging social media platform, Elon Musk, has disclosed that long-form tweets are going to release at the start of the next month.

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Presently, Twitter users can view tweets in two different forms. On the top right of the Twitter homepage, if a user tap on the star button, Twitter provides “for you” and “latest” options.” First option, which is called “for you”, allows users to view “recommended tweets”, on the other than, the second option goes by the name the “latest” displays the most recent tweets from accounts that user follow.

According to Elon Musk’s tweet, the tech giant is not pulling off these options; in fact, the company is making a better version of the interface for users to view the most recent tweets from followed accounts or suggested tweets by basic swipe gestures.

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Nevertheless, the microblogging social media platform already uses left and right swipe gestures to allow users switch between Twitter lists, which contains tweets from different accounts. Twitter List assists users follow accounts that they are not following. It can assists users follow tweets of their choice without basically following various accounts.

Besides the modification in the user interface, new boss Musk has declared that Twitter is going to enhance the Bookmark feature, which he with reference to as “de facto silent like.” As the name implies, the Bookmark option allows users bookmark a tweet that they can view afterward on a devoted tab, which already presents on the application for Android, iOS as well as the web client.
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For the time being, the Bookmark function is available via the share button on a tweet. Musk informed previous year that the bookmarked tweets are going to remain private, unlike likes, despite the fact the platform is going to allow users make folders in order to save tweets into different categories.

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In case someone Bookmarks a tweet, it is possibly going to get added to the total like count, and Musk recommended the previous week. According to his tweet,

“Public likes and non-public likes (aka bookmarks) should both be included in the like count. (The) The Bookmark button should be on (the) main tweet view.”

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