Elon Musk states that Blue Tick users on Twitter will have to pay and that this is the only way to stop bots

Elon Musk states that Blue Tick users on Twitter will have to pay and that this is the only way to stop bots. Musk claims that the change is essential because it is the only way to stop entirely depending on ads. Twitter may raise the monthly cost of Twitter Blue from $4 to $20. Before November 7, the new verification system might become live.
Twitter, which Elon Musk recently acquired, said it intends to update its verification system, which adds a blue check next to the profile name. Twitter, in particular, was a hive of activity after a story stated that the business was considering charging for the blue tick. Now that Musk has confirmed the rumor, the company is considering setting up to $20, or around Rs 1,600, for the coveted blue tick. Twitter should consider charging users $8 (around Rs 670) rather than $20 for the blue badge.
While responding to American author Stephen King, Elon Musk announced the development. King addressed The Verge’s first claim that Twitter charged users $20 to maintain their blue tick in a tweet. “$20 a month to maintain my blue check? Fuck that, and they should pay me. If it gets implemented, I’m gone like Enron,” he tweeted. “Twitter cannot rely exclusively on ads. How about $8?” Musk said.

 Blue Tick users on Twitter
It’s not about the money, and King said in another tweet, “it’s the principle of the thing.” Since Twitter’s official website indicates that the “blue verified badge” informs people that public interest accounts are accurate, many followers agreed with King. Users assert that the emblem will lose its credibility if people start paying for it. Musk claims that the action is vital since it is the only way to battle bots and not wholly rely on ads.
According to the previous rumor, India will be the only country where the Twitter Blue membership, which is already available in certain countries, will not include the Twitter blue tick. Exclusive features like “undo” and “edit” tweet capabilities are only available with a membership. The article also noted that after the verification mechanism has been updated, verified users would have 90 days to sign up for Twitter Blue. Twitter may raise the monthly cost of Twitter Blue from $4 to $20.
Since Musk gave developers a deadline, Twitter may launch the new verification mechanism by November 7. They’ll reportedly lose their employment if they don’t reach the deadline. According to a recent source, Musk intends to eliminate 25% of the Twitter staff in the upcoming week. It will enable Twitter’s disorganized team structure to be cleaned up and operational costs to be decreased for the new owner. According to Musk, there appear to be ten employees “managing” Twitter for each programmer.

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