5 possible causes for a phone catching fire on an Indigo flight

Imagine a phone catching fire in a flight you are traveling through! Scary enough. A phone allegedly caught fire in mid-flight during an Indigo aircraft from Dibrugarh to Delhi. There have been no injuries recorded as a result of the incident. This isn’t the first time a phone has caught fire while aboard a plane.
A phone catching fire in mid-flight is an accident that happened during an Indigo aircraft from Dibrugarh to Delhi. According to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation and the airline, the event occurred on April 14. There have been no injuries recorded as a result of the incident.
The phone caught fire due to an “abnormal overheating” issue with the battery, according to an official statement from the DGCA. The cabin crew member also recalled seeing sparks and smoke coming from the phone and putting out the fire with an extinguisher.
“On aircraft 6E 2037 from Dibrugarh to Delhi, there was an anomalous heating of a mobile device battery.” The staff has been educated to deal with hazardous situations, and they handled the problem fast. “No passengers or property onboard were harmed,” the airline said in an official statement.
This isn’t the first time a phone has caught fire during a flight. As a result, airlines have started taking measures if a passenger’s electronic device powered by a lithium-ion battery catches fire during a flight.

What causes phone batteries to blow up?

There have been several recent incidents in which phones from well-known brands caught fire while the user was using them. These kinds of situations can be life-threatening. In the vast majority of cases, the issue is with the battery. So, what’s the deal with phone batteries catching fire so frequently? There are several causes for this:

1. One of the main causes is that you are not using the certified phone charger. When charging mobile phone batteries, consumers frequently choose low-cost options. Regrettably, this is a very bad practice. The approved charger that comes with the box should always be used. If you have an iPhone, make sure you purchase a charger from an authorized store, either online or in person.

2. Overcharging a phone can also affect its battery life. The majority of us have a habit of charging our phones overnight. That is not a good habit to have. When your phone is fully charged, you should try to unplug the charger as quickly as possible.

3. Another factor that impacts the battery life of a smartphone is liquid damage. So, if you ever drop your smartphone in water or any other liquid, take it to a customer service center instead of attempting to solve the problem at home.

4. A smartphone’s battery setup is affected by physical damage. As a result, take care with your phone and don’t drop it, especially on a hard surface.

5. Getting the phone serviced from unlicensed service centers is another factor that might deplete the battery. For servicing, always go to the official center.

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