Five PSVR 2 titles will debut at PlayStation’s upcoming State of Play event

This week’s Play State of Play live stream event has been scheduled by Sony, and it may be enough to convince you to buy a PSVR 2.
The State of Play stream will start at 1:00 PM Pacific or 9:00 PM UK time on Thursday, February 23. The streams typically last 30 minutes or longer.
According to Sony, five PSVR 2 titles from partners (i.e., third parties) slated for release this year will receive an early look. Whether this refers to already-released games or upcoming VR experiences is unclear, but we suspect it may be the former.
In that scenario, we’re eager to see a preview of what we can expect later this year. Also, today Sony promised ten more games inside the launch window (which it classes as between now and the end of March).
Sony described the newcomers in a blog post today, bringing the total number of games to almost 40. These are what they are: Gorn, Nock: Bow + Arrow Soccer, Hellsweeper VR, Ragnarok, Runner, Startenders: Intergalactic Bartending, Sushi Ben, Swordsman VR, and Unplugged: Air Guitar are some additional titles in this genre.

Tomorrow, February 22, marks the release of PlayStation VR2, so it’s not unexpected that Sony is giving it a significant push by revealing more games and devoting the State of Play live to its new virtual reality add-on.
The headset has already received a four-star rating from us. According to our own Ryan Jones, its success will depend more on upcoming PlayStation first-party games than the third-party games we’ll hear about this week.
Pre-orders don’t appear to have fulfilled Sony’s expectations, which is understandable given the expensive £529 asking price. Other “Hot indie and third-party reveals” during the State of Play include an update on Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.

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