Here’s Lenovo’ rollable smartphone along with laptop designs concept

Lenovo is also a part of the tech giants all over the world that have been working along with investing a lot of money in next-gen display technology for quite a long time. Luca Rossi, the executive of Leveno, showed two proot-of-concept devices featuring rollable OLED screens during its Tech World 22 virtual event.

Luca Rossi first showcased a rollable smartphone concept from the team at 312 Labs, which is Motorola’s internal R&D group. It should be noted that Lenovo purchased Motorola Mobility from Google for around $2.19 billion back in 2014.

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Moreover, the company has built this concept upon the display, and mechanical creations play the lead in Moto’s foldable devices; however, there is also a twist.

Apart from that, the display screen of the smartphone measures in the vicinity of four inches tall and is explained as greatly pocket-sized. When the button is pressed, the smartphone’s display screen will expand vertically to 6.5 inches, making it perfect for media consumption, gaming, and web surfing.

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Lenovo’s executive Rossi further presented a rollable laptop concept that extends vertically to take multitasking, browsing, and mobility to modern heights. However, it is also reported that both devices are still in the initial concept stage. We can expect to see something particular surely forthcoming.

As of now, the vertically expanding screens instead of horizontally, as we watched on the canceled LG rollable phone, is undoubtedly the best application of a rollable display screen.

Unluckily, Rossi did not show the sides and back of the devices, so for the time being, saying anything about the thickness of the devices would be too early. We do not have any idea how the devices will work due to the lack of official information from the Lenovo executive.

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When we talk about the laptop, in our opinion, a horizontally-extending display screen is definitely going to be much better. A vertically expanding display on a laptop is not going to be much appealing. Moreover, a display that extends to one side or from both sides at the same time definitely helps increase mobile productivity.

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