How to restore your WhatsApp conversations if your phone is stolen: Tech advice

If you are the one who is looking for ways to restore your WhatsApp conversations, you are on the right place. WhatsApp enables chat backup recovery. WhatsApp data may be backed up in Google Drive for Android users. Chat backups may be stored in iCloud for iPhone users.
A smartphone loss might be upsetting. It stores all of the crucial information, including images, papers that have been saved, UPI accounts, WhatsApp chats, and more. The hardware problem could be resolved by purchasing a new phone, but restoring data like images or messages might be complicated. To restore WhatsApp chat as an end-to-end encryption system to preserve all user discussions. If your smartphone is stolen, several ways exist to restore your Whatsapp conversations.

Here is guidance on what to do and how to restore your WhatsApp conversations from a stolen smartphone, whether an Android or an iPhone.

Get new SIM with same phone number

First and foremost, even before you try to restore your WhatsApp conversations, contact your mobile network operator and request that they ban your SIM card as soon as your phone is taken. If the SIM card is locked, neither the thief nor anyone else can use its services on any other phone.
Locking the SIM card is also crucial for recovering WhatsApp because WhatsApp requires SMS verification for account verification on new phones. Once the SIM has been closed, get a replacement SIM with the same phone number from your network provider. You’ll be able to access the network service associated with your SIM card once more by doing this.
After receiving the new SIM, please insert it into the new phone and configure it. Configure your iPhone using the same Apple ID as the stolen device. Moreover, check in with your Google ID if you were using Google Drive from an Android device.
You may quickly retrieve your stored WhatsApp talks if you routinely back up your conversations in iCloud and Google Drive.

How to recover WhatsApp chat from iCloud

  • Your new phone should have WhatsApp installed.
  • Launch the program and configure it.
  • You must validate your phone number and give WhatsApp access to your contacts, images, and other information.
  • After that, WhatsApp will search your iCloud for backups and offer you to restore your chat history from the backup that was previously stored.
  • The iCloud backup you wish to restore should be chosen after following the on-screen prompts.
  • WhatsApp will then use the specified iCloud backup to restore your chat history.
  • Depending on the backup file size, the procedure might take some time.
  • After retrieving the backup, WhatsApp will transfer all of your chats and media to your new phone.

How to recover WhatsApp chat from Google Drive

  • Using an Android smartphone
  • Download WhatsApp via the Google Play Store.
  • Launch the WhatsApp app to begin the configuration procedure.
  • Permit to search your Google Drive for backups when prompted.
  • Start the backup retrieval procedure when requested.
  • Assemble it.
  • WhatsApp will transfer all your chats and media to your new phone once the procedure is complete.
  • If you can’t view the backup, you may manually check for stored backups by heading to WhatsApp Settings > Chats > Chat Backup and seeing whether any are accessible. It’s also a good idea to back up your WhatsApp daily so you can quickly access it on a new phone if you decide to switch or if your old phone is stolen.
  • When WhatsApp is opened on your new phone, it will instantly shut down on your old one, protecting your data.

Here is a procedure to recover it in the interim if you don’t have your backup saved in your Google Drive or iCloud, but a copy is kept in Gmail.

How to recover WhatsApp chat from a backup saved in an email

  • Locate the email with the backup file for WhatsApp in your inbox.
  • Download the backup document.
    Launch WhatsApp on your device, then select “Settings” > “Chats” > “Chat Backup”.
  • Click or tap “Restore” to begin the restoration procedure.
    Choose the backup file you obtained from your email, then choose “Restore”.
  •  Await the restoration procedure’ conclusion. Depending on the size of your backup file and the speed of your internet connection, this might take some time.

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