Intel decided to update Raptor Lake instead of Meteor Lake for desktop CPUs

The 14th-generation Meteor Lake processors from Intel have been the subject of turbulent rumors throughout the past year. The most recent revelation expands on Intel’s difficulties in switching from its existing CPU architecture.

According to the most recent speculations, Intel has scrapped the desktop versions of its 14th-generation Meteor Lake processors. It may be difficult for the upcoming series to match, much less surpass, Raptor Lake’s clock rates.

Intel was reportedly not producing any Meteor Lake CPUs in 2023, according to speculations from November. Instead, the corporation would update its most recent Raptor Lake range with only minor performance enhancements to fill the 2023 product slot. Along with the 15th-generation Arrow Lake desktop processors, Meteor Lake would debut as a series of laptop CPUs in 2024, with a Meteor Lake desktop series likely following.

However, dependable leaker @OneRaichu stated this week that desktop processors based on Meteor Lake might never exist. The 14th-generation CPUs are intended to be the beginning of Intel’s transition to tile-based architecture, which is similar to the “chiplet” design AMD has been using on its most recent processors. However, Intel may be having difficulty maintaining desktop-class performance throughout the transition.

However, Intel has confirmed that Meteor Lake will enable hardware AV1 encoding, which is welcome news. Hardware AV1 encoding was initially introduced in the company’s Arc Alchemist dedicated GPUs; AMD’s RDNA3 and Nvidia’s Ada Lovelace GPUs rapidly followed. Since a while ago, CPUs have been able to encode AV1 using software, but only the most recent GPUs can do it using hardware.

Compared to VP9 or H.264, the new format allows for more effective compression, yet, unlike H.265, it is also royalty-free. AV1 will make it easier and more affordable for businesses and people to create sharper video content. It now requires technology from a recent generation to encode or decode, although the format is gaining acceptance at a rapid rate.

Meteor Lake is planned to combine the TSMC 3nm node on the GPU tile with the Intel 4 process node on its computing tile. Integrated GPUs that support ray tracing may also be present in the series, based on the ray tracing abilities of Arc Alchemist.

Furthermore, a new socket is anticipated for the 14th-generation CPUs. Like the LGA 1700 socket, which supported Intel’s 11th, 12th, and 13th-generation CPUs, Raichu hypothesizes it may help three generations of processors.

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