iOS 16.2 beta significantly enhances the iPhone 14 Pro’s always-on

Apple appears ready to allow iPhone 14 Pro owners to customize the device’s always-on display for a more minimalistic experience. iPhone 14 Pro’s always-on display significantly improves in iOS 16.2 beta.
The most recent iOS 16.2 beta allows customers to turn off alerts and the background, leaving only the time and the lock screen widgets they’ve chosen for their iPhones.
The adjustment brings Apple’s solution closer to the long-standing Android options, though it is still being determined that it will make it into the final version of iOS 16.2.
Android phones with OLED screens would only light up the few pixels required to display the time and a few notification icons before the introduction of variable refresh rate displays (which can now offer always-on displays without severely impairing battery life).
After some iPhone 14 Pro owners complained that the always-on display was “too on” because it presented a muted version of the wallpaper and enabled notifications to come through, the change in beta three was made. Because the ProMotion display may operate at a frequency as low as 1Hz when the mode is activated, it wouldn’t significantly deplete the battery. Even though that’s useful, it’s not exactly what you want if you want your phone to disappear into the background while still providing time.
In the iPhone 14 Settings app, there are two new settings for “display wallpaper” and “show notifications feature,” both of which may be toggled off, according to testing of the latest beta.
As a result, the iPhone 14 Pro’s display is completely black and only shows the time and widgets. That will be a significant improvement over the original implementation for certain people.
In his review of the iPhone 14 Pro, our Max Parker noted the flaw. There is no other option because the selected Lock Screen is always displayed.
“You can’t, for instance, just have the clock visible unless you set a simple black wallpaper,” he writes. Additionally, since the brightness can’t be changed, I occasionally thought the always-on screen was too bright and distracting. It might seem to limit in this regard.

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