An iPhone 11 Pro saved Ukrainian soldier’s life by holding a bullet

There were a lot of examples wherein Apple Watches have succeeded in saving many lives in the past. They used to notify users of an abnormal heart rate. However, an Apple iPhone 11 Pro saved a Ukrainian soldier’s life this time, as per reports. 

According to a Reddit thread, a Ukrainian soldier owns an iPhone 11 Pro that has saved his life. The thread further displayed a video that demonstrated the soldier taking out a broken iPhone 11 Pro with a bullet that was stuck in his backpack. Reports have further stated that the soldier would have died if the iPhone 11 Pro did not retain the bullet. Moreover, we did not have more specified information in the thread about that incident.

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However, that specified Reddit post got a significant number of upvotes along with numerous comments.

A user stated, “An apple a day keeps the doctors away!” On the other hand, another user noted,

“iPhones are finally good for something! Happy he survived to tell the tail.”

One of the users said,

“why not create a bulletproof vest with the material used in a smartphone? It will be much lighter!”

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Apart from that, Apple released iPhone 11 series three years back, and iPhone 11 Pro is one of the models released in that iPhone series. Other models were the iPhone 11, iPhone XR, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Subsequently, Apple has rolled out many other iPhone models all over the world.

The build has been one of the most considerable elements for the California-based Cupertino giant apart from the performance and camera. Whether with former iPhone variants or the recent iPhone models, build quality has always been the most essential factor for the tech giant.

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It is more like a miracle saving the life of a soldier with its excellent build sounds. However, we look forward that the soldier is protected from danger.

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