It has “temporarily paused” Russian accounts: states OnlyFans

According to a recent report, the subscription-based platform, OnlyFans has “temporarily paused” Russian accounts. The company further said that it is not going to be practicable to assist Russian developers any longer. As per the report issued by The Verge, OnlyFans verified the modification to Motherboard

OnlyFans was the only platform that earlier permitted Russian developers to keep utilizing the platform and earn regardless of economic sanctions. According to a report issued back in February, Russian OnlyFans creators were temporarily unable to get access to their accounts with little alert. However, the platform restored access to Russian developers after a brief period.

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The company further stated,

“accounts will have full functionalities as long as we continue to have payment methods to support them.”

Moreover, OnlyFans has stated that it is taking action to suspend accounts for getting payments in Russia.

As per the official statement of the company given to Motherboard,

“it had explored several options to continue providing our services to creators impacted by the Russia / Ukraine war but that didn’t work out.”

Apart from that, the subscription-based platform additionally added that “an additional clamping of payment limitations to and from Russia” hindered it from supporting those accounts. However, we don’t have any further details in this regard by OnlyFans.

A number of technology organizations have terminated functions in Russia after Russia’s attack on Ukraine. The Russian government prohibited Facebook as well as Instagram under ‘extremism’ law the previous month.

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In addition, the search giant Google has further discontinued ad sales in Russia, referring ‘to exceptional conditions. The creators are discovering the latest approaches in order to earn their daily living owing to these platforms stopping functioning in the country.

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