Khan Academy developed AI tutor using GPT-4: Are teaching jobs in danger?

The non-profit firm Khan Academy, which provides free world-class education to everyone, has recently released an AI tutor. This newly introduced AI tutor is powered by the latest version of OpenAI’s language model, GPT-4.

The reports have suggested that the organization has been able to develop a virtual AI tutor and classroom assistant known as Khanmigo.

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The company stated that its AI tutor is capable of providing “guides, frees up educators’ most restricted resource and time.” The company further noted on Twitter that teachers can get access to “AI-guided lessons as well as perceptive student feedback.”

It further added,

“It provides interactive experiences and real-time feedback to help learners hone their computer science skills. Khanmigo gives prompts and suggestions to move students forward as they write, debate, and collaborate in new ways.”

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Apart from that, the company has announced that it intends to develop an approach for teachers to rapidly build informational materials for lessons in case and when needed.

Khan Academy is capable of using GPT-4 in order to make that happen. Reports said that it is going to develop a couple of more tutors with similar capabilities into its platform in the coming few years.

Are teaching jobs in danger now?

Though AI-powered bots are actually becoming outstanding tools for addressing different types of complex problems, passing exams, finding answers to questions, and writing essays, along with many other tasks, they can’t replace humans.

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And the reason behind this is that these tools are developed and used by people to accomplish their tasks rapidly.  These tools are developed with the intention of providing a helping hand to humans, not replacing them. That’s why AI-powered bots are not putting teaching jobs in danger.

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