Meta to fire 6,000 more employees coming week

According to recent reports, Meta has started its latest round of layoffs and this time, around 6,000 workers will be laid off from Meta initiating the coming week. The tech giant fired 11,000 employees back in November. Also, it announced 10,000 job cuts in March 2023.

Meta, the parent company of Facebook and other social media platform, has fired 4,000 workers, which indicates that 6,000 more employees are left on the list who are going to be fired in May 2023.

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Clegg said,

“The third wave is going to happen next week. That affects everybody in the biz teams, including in my orgs. It’s just a time of great anxiety and uncertainty. … I wish I could have some easy way of providing solace or comfort. It is uncertain. And actually, it’s really increased my admiration for the way that everyone — notwithstanding that uncertainty — you’re just displaying such resilience and professionalism.”

According to the cited source, the seniors at the company are going to send workers a note soon notifying them when the layoff process is going to initiate. They further will inform them what teams are going to be affected by this round of layoffs. The report additionally suggested that the workers that are going to be impacted by the latest round of layoffs will afterwards get an email for the same.

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Apart from that, Meta’s officials responded to a couple of the questions asked by workers, and one of the leading questions that the majority of workers asked is whether layoffs are going to happen hereafter.

Meta’s CTO, Andrew Bosworth, has noted that,

“We don’t have anything planned. The plan is to continue as we have done for a long time as a company and go forth and build and grow. I can’t tell you if the revenue and economy tanks or costs go up for some reason or some kind of thing happens. You know, I can’t know the future.”

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