Meta to lay off more workers due to low performance ratings

Meta is finished laying off its workers. In the greatest ever layoff in the history of the tech giant, the organization has fired approximately 12000 workers. Nevertheless, the most recent reports suggest that the company has no plans to fire more workers.

Meta has offered “subpar ratings” to thousands of workers while its most recent performance examination, which suggests more redundancies in an upcoming couple of months. A report by the Wall Street Journal said that the workers were offered a subpar rating.

Here is the detailed yayoins review.

According to a statement by Meta’s spokesperson to WSJ,

“We’ve always had a goal-based culture of high performance, and our review process is intended to incentivize long-term thinking and high-quality work, while helping employees get actionable feedback.”

Apart from that, the report stated that managers at Meta granted approximately 10 per cent of workers a rating of “meets most”, the second-lowest rating at the tech giant. However, the lowermost rating, “meets some”, is not something Meta granted many times. It seems that the ratings have been provided to encourage high-quality work as well as long-term thinking, as per an organization’s spokesperson.

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According to the report by the Wall Street Journal, the senior managers at Meta anticipate that the low ratings are going to result in more workers parting ways with the technology giant in a couple of forthcoming weeks.

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However, in case the tech giant sees not enough employees are leaving willingly, Meta is likely to think about another round of cutbacks. Moreover, the ratings possibly have a bad effect on workers, because a lot of them possibly take them as a sign to search for new job opportunities.

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