Microsoft has officially confirmed more layoffs: Likely to fire 10,000 employees

Apart from Amazon and many other technology companies, another leading tech giant has officially confirmed layoffs. According to Microsoft, it is intending to wipe out almost 10,000 jobs, which is nearly 5 per cent of its total employees. The tech giant is firing thousands of workers because of “macroeconomic circumstances and varying customer priorities.”

While disclosing the layoffs, Satya Nadella, the CEO of the company wrote in an email to its staff that “less than 5 per cent of our total staff base, with a couple of notifications, occurring today.” Microsoft notified in a fresh legislative filing that it has already informed workers about the layoffs.

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Ahead of Microsoft, major technology companies including Twitter, Meta, Amazon and a lot of others have fired a large number of their employees in the previous few months.

“Since we are cutting down roles in a couple of areas, we are going to keep hiring in fundamental strategic areas,” Nadella further stated in that email to workers. Nadella also highlighted the significance of developing a “new computer platform” utilizing improvements in artificial intelligence.

“We’re additionally looking companies in every industry along with geography exercise caution because some parts of the world are in a downturn and other parts are expecting one,” he also added.

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Moreover, Microsoft’s CEO in the email noted that the company is going to expand complete support to affected workers. He noted in the mail,

“We will treat our people with dignity and respect, and act transparently. These decisions are difficult, but necessary. They are especially difficult because they impact people and people’s lives – our colleagues and friends. We are committed to ensuring all those whose roles are eliminated have our full support during these transitions.”

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Nadella also explained that affected workers are going to get different types of benefits such as

“above-market severance pay, continuing healthcare coverage for six months, continued vesting of stock awards for six months, career transition services, and 60 days’ notice prior to termination, regardless of whether such notice is legally required.”

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Apart from reporting layoffs, Nadella stated that Microsoft “is going to keep investing in strategic areas for our future, indicating we are assigning both our capital and talent to areas of secular progress and long-term rivalries for the organization, at the same time divesting in other areas.”

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