Nintendo Switch sales drop due to chip shortage

The Japanese Nintendo Co Ltd announced on Wednesday that it sold out around 23% lesser Switch consoles in the second quarter about a year earlier after chip shortages.

According to a statement by the Kyoto-based gaming company, it anticipated procurement in order to enhance “from late summer towards autumn” and retained its prediction to sell 21 million Nintendo Switch in the year over end-March 2023.

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As per a presentation by Nintendo, “Demand remains stable in all regions.”

Nintendo which is also the tech giant behind “Super Mario” sold around 3.43 million units of its Nintendo Switch console in the present quarter which is as per the company less than 4.45 million a year before. The tech giant further added that it has sold 23.06 million units back in 2021. However, it expects a second annual sales drop for its hybrid home switch or also called the portable Switch device, which it has rolled out six years ago in the market.

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Last year in October, the tech giant released an updated Nintendo Switch model that features an OLED screen to push interest in the system. However, according to reports, the first-quarter software sales dropped by approximately 8.6% to 41.4 million units, on the other hand, operating profit decreased 15% to 101.6 billion yen ($763 million), which is quite less than analyst estimates.

Obtain from the weaker yen, Nintendo reserved around 51.7 billion yen foreign exchange. However, as per the Investors’ estimate, the unwinding of gaming flourish among customers who had been forced to be at home during the worldwide pandemic lockdowns.

A report issued by Sony Group Corp last week suggested a 15% decline in PlayStation user involvement when compared to a year before.

As per the founder of game industry consultancy Kantan Games, Serkan Toto,

“Gaming is now bigger than ever, and a certain part of users stay on, but the party is certainly now over.”

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Apart from that, the impending Nintendo games are reportedly going to support demand into the year-end shopping season incorporating “Splatoon 3”, which is going to be rolled out in September, as well as “Pokemon Scarlet and Violet” in November.

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