Now you can see how many people bookmarked your tweets: Here’s how

Metrics is one of the things that the new administration at Twitter is apparently loving. The Elon Musk regime is developing visibility to another one initiating from now on.

The tech giant has announced in a tweet on the Twitter Support account,

“starting today on iOS, you’ll now see the total number of times a Tweet has been bookmarked on Tweet details.”

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Consequently, in case you’ve ever wished to see how many users have responded, retweeted, viewed, and bookmarked your tweets, Twitter now make you able to see it.

According to a statement by the tech giant, though users are able to watch how many times a tweet has been bookmarked, they will not be able to see who exactly bookmarked it.

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As per the Twitter Support,

“we only show the total number of Bookmarks, not the specific accounts that have added a Tweet to their Bookmarks.”

Microblogging social media has recently increased how many metrics are displayed for tweets. Despite this fact, a couple of users have appreciated this. However, other users have argued against how much it clutters the user interface.

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The tech giant is definitely taking the side of the users who are appreciating adding bookmarks to the fray. The tech giant has further added that for the time being, the bookmark metrics are just accessible on the Twitter for iOS app. It notes it has “intentions to increase” to other platforms.

Nevertheless, it would not offer a timeline on precisely when it will be able to roll out the feature to show up on Twitter for Android or the web. If you want to get more details about Bookmark Counts, you can check them on the company’s support page.

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