Owners of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 report that displays are breaking suddenly as soon as warranties run out

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 3 phones have advanced significantly since the model’s debut, particularly the superb Z Fold 4. However, a sizable proportion of Z Fold 3 customers from the previous generation report dead pixels, lines, and cracks that occur in the folding screen for no apparent reason, and many of the devices are past their warranty period.
Stories of people having issues with the Galaxy Z Fold 3 screen are familiar on Twitter, Reddit, and the community forums for Samsung. Problems range from thick black lines that emerge in the crease and gradually become more noticeable to cracks occurring for no apparent reason. Almost all users claim careless drops, collision damage, or excessive force did not bring on these issues.

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When the Galaxy Z Fold 3 was introduced in August 2021, Samsung said it could be folded 200,000 times, or 100 times daily, for five years. Yet, many owners contend that this is not at all true. PhoneArena reports that after 15 months of careful ownership, one Redditor who claims to have only opened the phone a few times a week reported that the middle fold of their phone has cracked. Another person with the identical issue said that Samsung demanded $800 for an after-hours repair.

Broken display of Galaxy Z Fold 3

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Even phones that malfunction within their warranty period can end up costing owners if Samsung determines there were no hardware or software flaws to blame. One user reported that their Fold 3 developed a fracture in the fold after only three months, but Samsung is now charging $700 to fix it because the firm claims to have discovered an impact point and dead pixels brought on by a fall, which the owner says never happened.

Before the device launched, early reviewers identified screen problems with the first Galaxy Z Fold 3, which led Samsung to postpone the introduction by many months. Folding gadgets are still more fragile than regular cell phones, even though foldable ones are much more durable now. But a product that costs roughly $2,000 at launch shouldn’t start malfunctioning a year or two after purchase.

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