Realme releases the first smartphone with 240W charging that exceeds USB-C restrictions

The GT Neo 5 was introduced by Realme in China, and it stands out for being the first smartphone with 240W fast charging—the most possible for USB Type-C.

Despite launching it in February last year, we have yet to see Oppo’s 240W charging standard in a phone. The Realme GT Neo 5 is available right now.

It’s interesting that Realme only stated that its new 240W phone could reach a “full charge in minutes” in its press release. Realme made no mention of how rapidly the phone would charge. Perhaps the situation is simply one of diminishing returns; therefore, you need to apply much more power to cut a minute or two of the duration from 0 to 100%.

Realme seemed more eager to emphasize the technological advancements that went into making 240W charging on the GT Neo 5 both feasible and secure. The first 12A charging cable in the world with four 21AWG wires and an incredibly thick dual GaN charging brick is available from the “possible” stable.

Realme touts “a PS3-leveled fireproof design and 13 temperature sensors to monitor charging heat in real-time” regarding safety (after all, greater power implies more heat).

The quickly expanding company has also included what it calls the most excellent industry-wide graphene heat dissipation system. The fact that the phone has been rigorously tested “under 85 Celsius temperature and up to 85% high humidity for 21 days of continuously charging and power release” gives us additional peace of mind.

Given that this peak charging standard is supposed to be capable of 1600 battery charging cycles, longevity shouldn’t be an issue either. That’s pretty remarkable, considering the average smartphone battery is frequently rated for 500–1,000 cycles.

As Realme points out, it will be interesting to see what comes beyond 240W, the maximum power that the USB-C standard will allow.

Realme only mentions that when referring to the GT Neo 5; therefore, we don’t even have any product pictures to showcase or other specifications to validate. We know that the brand’s 240W charging system will “come to the next flagship for the global market this year” and will launch in mainland China in February 2023.

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