Samsung addresses the latest Moon-camera squabble

The cameras in Samsung’s Galaxy range of smartphones have recently generated a great deal of debate. After recent testing with Moon photos revealed that its devices are working harder than usual, Samsung published a study to clarify the matter.
Samsung recently celebrated the release of the Galaxy S23, its most current flagship model. The massive 200-megapixel camera on the S23 Ultra is one of the new smartphone’s most lauded features. The Ultra can also use a digital zoom with 100x magnification, which Samsung called “Space Zoom.”
As we previously noted, space Zoom is more complex than Samsung says. Reddit user “ibreakphotos” conducted in-depth experiments to show that Samsung is working more than usual behind the scenes to increase details on what are generally blurry and low-quality shots.
After days of debate, Samsung published a blog post describing what occurs inside the camera once Space Zoom is turned on.

Moon photos taken with Galaxy S23
Samsung claims that the Ultra’s camera employs a variety of artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to provide consumers with the highest-quality images. The first one begins with a 25x zoom and is called Super Resolution. This function aims to “remove noise and increase clarity and other details” by taking ten photographs simultaneously.
Another AI employed in this scenario is the Scene Optimizer. Regardless of the phase, it can tell if the camera is pointed at the Moon. Samsung used hundreds of Moon photographs to train the algorithm, and after it detects the recognizable nocturnal object, it further improves details (above). The AI model automatically adjusts exposure to avoid washout brought on by the Moon’s stark contrast with the night sky (below).

Moon-camera controversy
To prevent blur caused by movement, the phone features auto picture stabilization with a “Zoom Lock” function. The reason Samsung gave for employing AI seems far more credible than the reports that the phone’s AI superimposed an image of the Moon over the actual photograph.
From the firm’s perspective, the criticism over Samsung’s cameras and the Space Zoom function may have been exaggerated. AI is a standard technology used by smartphone makers in their cameras. In this case, Samsung’s method enables users to capture an excellent photograph of the far-off Moon, which was previously thought impossible.

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