Samsung has now openly copied the iOS 16 new Lock Screen from Apple

Samsung has now openly copied the iOS 16 new Lock Screen from Apple. Before the launch ceremony, Samsung unveiled an advertisement campaign to criticize Apple (again) since it was so frightened of the iPhone 14. Samsung keeps performing the same trick, only to replicate Apple’s most important choices later. Until then, Samsung essentially copied one of the best new iOS 16 features—lock screen customization—in a recent One UI 5 beta.

People who enjoy personalizing their smartphones have raved about the new Lock Screen experience in iOS 16. With the ability to add various widgets and visual effects, the new Lock Screen is more engaging than ever. Additionally, you can alter fonts and colors to go with the static or moving wallpaper on the lock screen.

Additionally, you can configure several wallpapers for each Focus mode. Additionally, each of them is capable of having widgets unique to that mode.

iOS 16 Lock Screen

Finally, you can combine the new Lock Screen with Apple’s always-on display function, which is even more helpful if you own an iPhone Pro or Pro Max.

Android users point out that they had access to new Lock Screen widgets long before iOS 16 was released, proving that Apple wasn’t the first to achieve this. However, Apple created its new Lock Screen personalization, providing consumers with a wide range of settings to suit their preferences.

How Samsung copied the new Lock Screen function in iOS 16

Samsung might have created a unique Lock Screen personalization experience for its smartphone customers. Samsung imitated Apple in its place.

Since Apple launched iOS 16, there may not be any other way to create a Lock Screen with widgets. Perhaps Samsung was forced to arrange the elements of One UI 5’s user interface in a manner identical to that of iOS 16 by Apple. The same is true of the customizing options.

The customizing possibilities aren’t the same as 9to5Mac notes. Samsung only provides five clock styles, compared to iOS 16’s eight options. The options provided by the wallpaper selector are also not very similar.

Moreover, Apple supports more third-party widgets than Samsung. Samsung only supports notifications icons for the time being. But One UI 5 is still in beta.

“GoodLock vs Samsung OneUI 5 vs iOS 16

Show me exactly where GoOdlock Did It First ?

 Where’s the Lockscreen Wallpaper Filter Option? From where Samsung copied Long Press to Customise Lockscreen Interface and Wallpaper Picker

 The OneUI 5 Lockscreen Interface is a copy of iOS16

— Vaibhav Jain (@vvaiibhav) September 26, 2022

What the iPhone 14 Pro’s Dynamic Island lacks in Samsung’s iOS 16 Lock Screen imitation is. On the other hand, iOS 16 beta 1 was released in mid-June. Samsung had ample time to research it. The Dynamic Island wasn’t made public until Apple’s earlier this month when it unveiled the iPhone 14. We’ll probably soon see how Samsung reacts to that function, but they might need to worry more about the swelling of Samsung Galaxy batteries.

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