Sony and Honda are considering installing a PlayStation 5 in self-driving cars

Sony and Honda are considering installing a PlayStation 5 in self-driving cars. Honda and Sony announced a partnership to create a range of electric vehicles, some of which may be fully driverless, earlier this year. The businesses also emphasized the entertainment features of new cars, underscoring this by disclosing intentions to put a PS5 in a few models.
Sony Mobility Inc., a new division with the primary goal of producing electric vehicles, was unveiled at CES 2020. The Sony Vision-S, a four-door sedan with a top speed of about 150 MPH, was the prototype displayed. Until late this year, few details were known about the second prototype, an SUV known as the Vision-S 02. The initial model was given the new name Vision-S 01.
Recently, cooperation between Sony and Honda was made public. The two companies plan to build electric cars, some of which may be driverless, and deliver them to the public in 2026. The partnership was given the name “Sony Honda Mobility.” Given that Sony is well-known in the entertainment industry and Honda is already well-established in the motor industry, this partnership is mutually advantageous.
The trend of in-car entertainment is relatively new, particularly with electric automobiles. Tesla, the main rival of Sony and Honda, has raised the bar for ways to pass the time in a vehicle. Tesla customers may watch Netflix or Hulu, play retro games, or even perform “Car-aoke” sessions. Therefore, Sony and Honda must employ imaginative thinking to compete with the ever-expanding features of Tesla’s entertainment apps.

PlayStation 5 in self-driving cars
It isn’t easy to imagine a more audacious move than putting a PlayStation 5 in self-driving cars. It seems incredible, in theory, to be able to play high-end games like God of War Ragnarök or Horizon Forbidden West on your dashboard. We should only anticipate seeing the feature on fully autonomous vehicles, which could take some time since Sony and Honda don’t want you to play while driving.
Both businesses have other entertainment plans in addition to the PS5. Yasuhide Mizuno, CEO of Sony Honda Mobility, stated in a recent interview with Financial Times that the following cars will “cater to the entertainment and network we would like to deliver.” Mizuno, unfortunately, leaves a lot of information open-ended, so it needs to be clarified what the companies may be planning in addition to an integrated PS5.
Due to these potential developments, Sony and Honda anticipate that consumers will want to spend more time in their vehicles than they currently do. It will take some time to determine whether placing a whole game system inside the car produces the desired results. Though the innovation seems intriguing in theory, how useful will it be?

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