Sony PlayStation 5 to come with a movable disc drive next year

Sony has released the PlayStation 5 approximately two years ago, and users still face problems getting it. Nevertheless, the tech giant is still functioning on the PlayStation 5 as well as new games. According to recent reports, the company is intended to introduce the latest design variant of the console in the near future. 

According to a most recent leak by Insider Gaming’s Tom Henderson by means of Trusted Reviews, the company is functioning on a latest yet thinner PS5 model that is going to arrive along with a removable disc drive that makes the gamers able to insert CDs into.

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Moreover, the drive is possibly going to indicate the end for the disc-edition PlayStation 5 consoles that currently have an asymmetrical look on account of a connected vertical disc drive on the side. The same report further suggested that this movable disc drive is going to be sold discretely for Digital Edition PlayStation 5 owners also.
However, when it comes to those who get the same, they are going to be able to connect it with the USB Type-C port on the backside of the device and utilize disc games flawlessly. 


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This new moveable PlayStation 5 accessory is further expected to be an authorization for Disc Edition owners, who are presently not going to need to obtain the latest PlayStation 5 altogether ought their disc drive get impaired.

At the same time, Digital Edition holders are additionally going to be able to acquire the supplementary attachment should they like to get specific games physically rather than digitally.

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It is noteworthy to mention that take all these details with a pinch of salt as nothing has been officially confirmed by the company. Moreover, Sony further did not comment on the same meanwhile.

For the time being, gamers can get the Sony PlayStation 5 in the same two Disc and Digital variants. However, these are still low-in-stock purchases and a dealer preferred.

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