Twitter to roll out new features including Mixed-media, Status, and Award

The microblogging social media platform Twitter is functioning on plenty of new features to give an improved experience to its users. The social media platform has already verified that it is functioning on an edit button. However, the company has not stated that it is additionally testing multiple features such as Statuses, Mixed-media, etc.

In this article, we are going to tell you everything we know about the features that presently the company is working on and could be rolled out subsequently.

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Now recently, Dylan Roussel, the developer, has spotted a mixed-media feature on the microblogging platform that lets users upload photos and videos simultaneously in a tweet. For the time being, it is impossible, and the platform is just allowed to upload photos or a video in a tweet. The company is likely to change it soon.

In addition to this, the social media platform could further roll out the latest feature known as Status that might be available on the profile section of a user. According to reports, the company adds ”discover” and ”join” sections that may allow its users to be familiar with other accounts of that specific user. As per another report issued by 9to5Google, the company might add an award feature as well. However, the company still has not provided any official information about how this is going to function.

The same report just suggested that users are further likely to see the option soon to award a tweet, and a gift icon is going to show up beside that tweet. Apart from that, the social media platform has recently launched the latest features to Spaces.

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Now, the company is making a host able to check how good their audio sessions are working. Microblogging social media platform Twitter gives them access to scrutiny about their Spaces.

Moreover, this is going to be accessible for both iOS and Android users. It is likely to offer details about how several listeners got connected to the session and how often it was replayed. The host is further going to become acquainted with how many people contributed to the discussions.

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