Users can now access ChatGPT Bing search via Microsoft

Users can now access ChatGPT Bing search via Microsoft. Last week, Microsoft announced its revamped Bing search engine, which incorporates the well-publicized ChatGPT chatbot from OpenAI. Technically, the new Bing includes OpenAI’s superior ChatGPT-rivaling next-generation language model. Additionally, it has been specially tailored for search.
Microsoft stated that it intended to offer a mobile experience preview soon and scale the preview to millions of users in the upcoming weeks. The new ChatGPT Bing interface, which includes ChatGPT search, is now available to the first Microsoft users.
Microsoft’s new Bing is reportedly rolling out to early testers, according to Windows Latest. According to reports, Microsoft will email people chosen to get access to Bing.
The blog published the substance of the email users of Bing may soon receive. Microsoft declares, “We’re thrilled to provide you access to an early sample of the New Bing – your AI-powered copilot for the web.” Additionally, the business requests customer input as soon as they utilise the ChatGPT Bing experience.
According to Windows Latest, Microsoft’s new Bing trickles out to early testers. Microsoft reportedly emails those selected to get access to Bing.

ChatGPT Bing search via Microsoft
The blog released the email’s text, which Bing users may soon receive. “We’re happy to provide you access to an early sample of the New Bing,” says Microsoft. “It’s your AI-powered copilot for the web.” As soon as the company starts using the ChatGPT Bing experience, they ask for client feedback.
However, those who accept the invitation will experience a completely different user interface. Users can pose challenging queries using ChatGPT support in Microsoft’s search engine. Like ChatGPT on the web, the chatbot will answer in a conversational manner that mimics a human.
The new Bing features an Ask me anything search area where you may enter your query, as seen above. There are menus for Search and Chat at the top. The first option is the standard search process that generates results based on links. The ChatGPT capability will be available under the Chat menu.
Users should visit and join the waitlist if they wish to use the new Bing ChatGPT search. Once Microsoft extends the new Bing rollout to their region, they will start receiving emails similar to the one above.

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