Users getting falsely notified about being tracked by Apple AirTags

For people who intend to track their belongings and pets, Apple AirTags is one of the best options. According to a recent report, Apple AirTags has now been misused many times owing to stalking people and stealing cars. The cases about the Apple AirTags incorrectly informing people that someone is stalking them online have come to light.

Recently, a lady has informed that the Apple AirTag instructed her that someone was tracking her however,, afterward she found that none of that was occurring. It is essential to mention that the Apple AirTag has anti-stalking features. The California-based Cupertino has developed this feature to inform people when other users are involved in tracking their activities. The company has introduced this feature in order to hinder tracking people without their permission.

According to a recent report issued by the Wall Street Journal, Apple AirTag is currently sending phantom notifications to people who are terrifying and mystifying absolutely. The report further added that the notifications were sent by the device most of the time at night, dropping people into a frightening condition.

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Normally, when another AirTag that you do not own is discovered moving beside you, the Find My app will send you an alert that an AirTag is discovered to be relocating with you. You are even going to get a notification in case you have put your friend’s AirTag in your bag.

Nevertheless, maps with multiple straight lines belonging to a person’s location show up at the time the device sends phantom notifications. However, this does not seem normal in case you have found an AirTag notification. Moreover, straight lines from the maps are suggestive of a glitch in the system.

According to a report issued by WSJ, a woman and her daughter were departing for Disneyland. Then they suddenly got a notification by the Find My app that someone is stalking them using an AirTag. However, they did not locate any AirTag when they checked their bags and pockets completely. So, the regardless notification was wrong they were extremely frightened because they desperately checked every bag and pocket however were failed to find any device.

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A 25-year-old marketer in Indianapolis, McClain has also faced a similar situation. According to him, he received an alert from his Find My app stating that he was being tracked.

He stated,

“It was a shock in my morning.”

He further informed WSJ,

“I thought, ‘Who would want to stalk me? Who would want to hurt me?”

There are several other this type of incidents that have been reported where people got notified about being tracked. However, upon checking they could not discover anything.

However, Apple neither provide any official statement about this nor fixed this problem.

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