WhatsApp reportedly intending to block screenshots for view once images and videos

As we all know Meta’s own messaging platform, WhatsApp is constantly working on adding new features to its platform in order to provide its users with an improved experience. The instant messaging platform has recently added support for Call Links along with the ability to add up to 32 users in a video call.

Now, the company is intended to roll out a new feature that is going to block screenshots for images as well as videos supposed to be viewed once.

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WhatsApp feature to block screenshots for view once images and videos

WhatsApp’s this brand new feature to block screenshots is presently available for specific beta testers who install the application from the Play Store. However, until the present time, users were able to easily take a screenshot of an image or video that was supposed to be viewed only once.

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However, after realizing this issue, the company is working on this as well as the screenshot shows up black for a couple of images or videos however others are unable to take any screenshots. The most interesting thing here is that not any third-party extension will be able to do this, the image is going to become black.

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Needless to say, it is very exciting news for those people sharing sensitive and private information through Meta’s own messaging platform, WhatsApp as well as they want the receiver to view the video or photo only once. Apart from that, the developers are additionally actively working on enhancing the capability, which indicates any exploits that surface in the impending days could get patched in the next version of the application.

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