Will the PS5’s cost increase in 2023? Sony won’t rule it out

The processing sector is expected to be hammered by the inflation crisis over the next 12 months, so Sony has refused to rule out a PS5 price hike.
During the most recent Sony earnings call, the business was asked if the price of the expensive console may increase in the coming months.
In answer to a query about whether the coveted cow’s £449/£349 price tag would increase if the cost of some of the company’s other home entertainment goods increased.
Hiroki Totoki, executive deputy president and CFO of Sony, stated, “About a prospective price rise for the PS5, at this point, there is nothing particular I can discuss with you about prices.
The statements, which the wonderful people at VCG transcribed, were neither a denial nor a confirmation, but it appears that Sony isn’t ruling it out now.
In other places, Sony claimed to have sold 21.7 million PS5 consoles so far, with 2.4 million of those sales occurring in the three months preceding June 30. In that same quarter, 47.1 million PlayStation games were sold, 79 percent of which, according to the manufacturer, were sold online. For the High Street, bad news. For the High Street, bad news.
Gamers are playing less now than they were a year ago, according to Sony, which also stated that there was “a far lower degree of engagement” than it had anticipated (via Game Developer). The company speculates that since Covid restrictions are no longer in effect, people may now be able to engage in other activities.
Regarding the outlook for the future, Sony is hopeful that the supply chain problems, which made the PS5 so difficult to obtain during its first roughly 18 months of sales, will soon be fully fixed.
“We were subjected to two significant restrictions. The supply chain was one, and the availability of parts and components was the other. We are incredibly hopeful and relatively excited about that because of the improvements in the details and component availability.

We had a rather bad first quarter for supply chain disruption. We had lower hardware sales volume in the first quarter than we had anticipated at the start of the year, so we are hopeful that the supply chain interruption will be fully resolved.

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