Yayoins Reviews: Is Yayoins.com Scam or Legit? Find Out

In this article, I’ll let you know all about the yayoins platform, its specifications, yayoins review so that you can determine if yayoins is a scam or not. Also, you’ll have clear info if you should shop through yayoins platform.

It’s an online store with a unique and magnificent men’s collection that offers suites with pants – pants, shirts, thirds, and men’s accessories. Browse their extensive selection and go to their official website. They are known for providing excellent customer service and timely delivery.

Before making a purchase, read Yayoins reviews to learn more about the site’s quantity and accuracy. Yayoins has the most up-to-date and attractive modern product line. Go to this thorough researched guide before taking any next step on this sopping website.

Yayoins.Com Specification

Web addresshttps://yayoins.com/
Official Email[email protected]
Payment optionsall online payment options
Shippingshipping inside the US takes 5-7 business days
Returns and refunds30-day refund policy
Yayoins contact InfoNo contact number on the website
Yayoins physical addressNo physical address on the website
Social linkhttps://www.facebook.com/Yayoins-1-112862550625012

Yayoins Company Address

This online store’s parent firm is listed as Hangdong Trading Limited (Suite 18 Bridge House, 6 Waterworks Yard, Croydon, United Kingdom). Google Maps does not identify an exact match for this address, and no businesses named Yayoins or Hangdong Trading Limited have been listed on or near the partial match of this address.

Furthermore, this address is used by other companies (Source: suite.endole.co.uk). It is simply a virtual address rented from a virtual address provider and used by several organizations to register a company with the UK Companies House.

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yayoins company address

As a result, this address does not correspond to the actual location of the firm or store. It hasn’t provided a phone number for contact as well. We will not trust such a corporation for any online buying because it attempts to conceal information. You too, beware of Yayoins scam.

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Copied content on Yayoins – Yayoins review

We discovered that the product photographs used in its product catalog aren’t distinct. It implies that this site has copied the image from another website or is just reselling apparel or other items.

Many contents and the website’s theme correspond to several problematic websites.

Returns and Exchange Policy of Yayoins.com

Yayoins has a Return and Exchange Policy that has been deemed to be unreasonable in terms of item returns and exchanges.

As a result, due to their ambiguous terms, it is nearly impossible to receive a full refund from these types of websites.

return and exchange policy of yayoins

Customer Complaints and Delivery

According to complaints from buyers of similar sites, customer service and delivery time are likewise relatively poor on sites comparable to this one.

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Yayoins.com Reviews – Scam or Legit?

Now question is, whether Yayoins is a scam or legit? We can’t tell if a website is a fraud based on the kind of websites available nowadays. It’s because the number of fraudulent websites is on the rise. In any case, you should read Yayoins reviews to see if it is worth your time and money.

We can say that there are methods for determining whether or not a website is genuine. Unfortunately, it does not entirely rely on the elements that decide if something is legitimate or not. There are no evaluations of their website or store on the Google search engine.

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Not only is that but there is no social media presence or account. It also lacks detail. Furthermore, the domain is only a few months old.

Apart from that, Yayoins is an online-only platform. The collection is not updated regularly, and most of the content (text and images) is duplicated. We infer that it is a hoax based on these considerations. As a result, we do not advise anyone to visit this website.

Various Complaints about shopping site – Yayoins Review

While the site appears safe to use, it contains several flaws. Many customers are not happy with the quality of the items, and many stated that they are dissatisfied with the product.

A few customers have complained about the site’s poor quality. Similarly, the website does not provide free shipping. A few consumers complain that the quality of the clothing is subpar.

Although the site is genuine, a few surveys express dissatisfaction with the current state. Some Yayoins customers have complained about not returning anything and trusting that their items will arrive. Yayoins’ website also fails to inform them that their clothing is unavailable. They’ve been told they’ll have to wait days or weeks for the item.

Yayoins Reviews

Many experts believe that determining whether or not a website is legitimate is difficult. We’ll need to ask customers for comments after using the site.

That’s how we learn a lot about the site, such as if the service is promising, whether the quality is good or not, whether purchases are simple or not, and so on.

Unfortunately, when we looked for reviews and other material, we found nothing to support it. As a result, the site isn’t legitimate, and you should avoid purchasing anything from this online store.


All of the above data about this website concludes that Yayoins is potentially dangerous.

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Kindly, leave a remark below if you have anything to say about Yayoins scam. Also, feel free to share this review on social media with your friends and family to let them know about Yayoins legit.

Several new online sites claim to provide various things at steep discounts these days, but most of them are scammers.

So, it’s best to avoid new online businesses. Also, conduct some research before buying something from one because most of these new online companies either don’t deliver the purchased things to their customers or supply completely different or low-quality items.

Some online scam stores have even charged customers‘ credit cards without their permission. So, if you’ve ever made a purchase from a scam site by mistake, we recommend contacting your bank or credit card company right away to safeguard your credit card information.

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