You could soon get rid of Instagram and Facebook ads; Here’s how

Seeing ads on any social media platform, including Instagram and Facebook, might be really annoying. And if you are one of those who often use the services, you are possibly going to give part of your earthly soul to be exempt from them.

Well, you do not need to sell your enduring soul to utilize the applications without products in the near future. You don’t have to be pushed in your face after a few posts.

According to a report by New York Times, Meta is thinking about a paid subscription to Facebook as well as its photo-sharing social media platform, Instagram, that would relieve timelines of commercial break.

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This is unlike the first time this concept has been hovered. Still, at the present moment, it refers to the European Commission’s current worries about the social media tech giant’s management of customer data and users’ vulnerability to ad trackers.

Even though Meta already provides users with the option to decide not to do the targeted advertisers in the European Union, the release of a pull-out of advertisements completely could go any possible way toward gratifying EU authorities.

Nevertheless, it is going to represent a massive shift in the business model of Meta, with the tech giant working completely on an ad-funded model since Facebook’s primary release.

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As the NYT highlights:

“For nearly 20 years, Meta’s core business has centred on offering free social networking services to users and selling advertising to companies that want to reach that audience. Providing a paid tier would be one of the most tangible examples to date of how companies are having to redesign products to comply with data privacy rules and other government policies, particularly in Europe.”

In case Meta were to perform that approach in the EU, there’s a pretty good chance it is going to be available in the UK as well.

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