YouTube Shorts actually appear pretty good in recent TV interface

The search giant Google has rolled out the YouTube Shorts experience on TV. The company has indeed succeeded in discovering an approach for the portrait-style videos to now appear really bad on landscape TVs.

The technology firm has described in a blog post how and why it has optimized TikTok-like sub-60-second portrait videos for the bigger display screen in the home.

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According to a statement by the tech giant, it has placed an

“incredible amount of thought and care has gone into providing this vertical, mobile-first experience to the big screen.”

The tech giant has dropped out the usual video player for the release, indicating a less clumsy experience, and personalized to take advantage of the black borders on either side of the video content. Apart from that, it has additionally put a more appealing border around the videos that have moderately curved edges, similar to the smartphone.

Furthermore, it determined against utilizing a jukebox-style presentation with videos on either side of the playing content since it “deviated far enough from the definitive example of Shorts that has one video at a time.” 

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Ultimately, the tech giant determined on a design that highlights a single video, excluding the consistent video player design, that yet provided users with access to features they require from YouTube, including one the capability to subscribe, search relevant content, like and dislike content, and many more things.

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People will be able to watch a version of what YouTube is referring its “maximal prototype” below. The tech giant notes:

“We believe that this experience balances the fun, quirkiness of Shorts in a way that feels natural for TV.”

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